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About Us - The Giftie Company

Well, hello there! Wanna know a little more about us?

Hi! We are The Giftie Company and we’re all about YOU!

We sell gifts, homeware and stationery for all occasions, from weddings and anniversaries to births and memorials, plus everything in between!

Our Company ethos is simple – make people smile. Modern times are tough and we each go through so much in our daily lives. Kindness means everything and by providing a platform to choose gifts for your loved ones, it means we can play a part in that kindness being spread – that means everything to us.

Hundreds of our products are designed and created with love in our sweet little studio based in Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset, England. It’s a sleepy village surrounded by beautiful farmland and scenic views – the perfect place for creative juices to flow.

Whether you purchase something we make for you in-house or choose a gift made by one of our talented partners, we’re here to look out for you and make sure you receive the best possible service every time.

We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding level of customer service and will do absolutely everything we can to help should you ever need us. You can contact us using a number of channels, including our Instagram page and our Facebook page.

Searching for the perfect gift can be tough when there’s so much to choose from. That’s why we offer a super friendly ‘personal shopper’ experience. Simply give us a call or pop us an email and we’ll do all we can to match you and your recipient to the perfect gift.

Shop Small: "It means everything to us"

When you shop online, particularly on stores with larger catalogues, you often envision a large, corporate firm with thousands of cogs whirring to piece everything together.

We are what they call a ‘micro business’. Our base of operations is a large garden office filled with smart storage, workbenches, machinery and a workstation. When you buy with us, you put food on the table; a new book in the bookcase; a lightbulb in the lamp that just went kapoot. You’re supporting a family and it means the world.

When you receive a response at 2AM, it’s not from a team of overnight staff, it’s the person who puts everything they have into providing a great service to you. When you receive a ‘thank you for your order’ email, it’s from someone who means it with all their heart.

Each order brings so much joy and happiness, not just to you and your recipient, but to us too. We really do cherish our customers and will always put a whole lot of love into everything we do.

So shop small, whatever you may buy. Because us ‘little guys’ – as perfectly imperfect as we are – really, really care… and having you as our customer, well, it means everything to us.

Meet Our Team

They say the best things come in small packages!


Laura-Louise Winterbourne

Owner, Designer, Maker & More

With a passion for website,  graphic and product design plus 10+ years in business, I started The Giftie Company from the ground up with one simple goal – make people smile.

After battling a difficult illness for several years, I decided to make my recovery a productive experience and create a brand that matters, in the hope to show others that no matter what, your dreams are always waiting for you to chase them.

The Giftie Company has changed my life in the most positive way and our mission is to change the lives of others for the better, too.

I’m involved in all aspects of the business, from customer service and supplier relations to designing and creating our in-house products.

This little home on the internet is my biggest dream come true and our visitors and customers, like you, continue to keep that alive.


Pippin The Pomeranian

Motivator, Security, Cuddle Monster

Hello, my name is Pippin! I am head of security for The Giftie Company and designated tester of all the pawsome gifts for pets.

My mummy do a lot of tapping on the computer box and sometimes she get very tired and do the yawning. To make sure she doing her job I have perfected my yapping skills for wake-up alarm!

My favourite place to sits in the office is inside cardboard box of happiness. There was a Pippin-sized bed in there but I didn’t want that, box is so much better!

I love my job because I get the belly rub and sometimes, when mummy is on the phone, I get to speak to other humans. At least I think they are talking back, but I shouts for them anyway, just in case!

I also announce the competitions on the subscriber newsletter! Because someone has to get some work done around here, right!?


Our Incredible Suppliers

Unique, Talented, Awe-Inspiring Creators

Here at The Giftie Company we team up with some of the most talented suppliers and artists we know to bring you a huge catalogue of incredible personalised gifts.

We are so honoured to be able to showcase their giftware alongside our own in-house exclusive range and we have hand-selected their finest gifts for you to enjoy.

Many of our suppliers are small businesses, just like us! We maintain great relationships and support each other in our shared industry. The way we see it, why compete when you can collaberate?

Purchasing a non-exclusive gift from The Giftie Company means supporting other like-minded businesses and they really deserve it. From them, to us, to you – thank you.

Are you a creator looking to sell with us? Get in touch!

10 Totally Random Products from our Giftie Range

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us!

Love, The Giftie Company... xoxo


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