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Below are some questions we recieve often from our customers. You may find what you’re looking for here, but if not, no worries!

You can contact us by telephone or email using our Contact Us page. We’re here for you!

Can you deliver my order outside of the UK?

At this time we provide delivery to customers in the UK only when ordering directly via our website.

However, our wonderful visitors from locations outside the UK can Contact Us to discuss international shipping options. We will normally be able to create a custom order for you.

Please bear in mind that the item could take time to arrive and will be subject to high delivery fees. Some of our items cannot be shipped internationally at all.

Oh no! I made a mistake with my personalised message! Can I make a change?

Whilst adding a personalised item to your basket, we require you to tick the box that confirms your spelling and punctuation. This helps to remind you to double check.

We offer a 1 hour window to make changes. You can request changes any time but after that first hour the order may have entered production. You must contact us in writing by emailing hello@giftie.co.uk with your order reference and details of the changes to make this request.

We don’t automatically correct spelling errors as some of our customers will intentionally spell something differently (inside jokes and nicknames, for example) so we must add the message requested. If unsure, we may contact you to check on a spelling mistake but there is no guarantee.

I have received 'X' item but where is the rest of my order?

We are unable keep stock from our suppliers in-house as personalised gifts are, of course, made to order. This means your delivery could be arriving from different locations and will be posted in separate packages.

Orders with items solely from our Exclusive range will always be sent at the same time as they are made in-house and packaged together.

If some time has passed and your full order has not arrived there could be an issue with the delivery of one of the items so we would definitely like to hear from you. Get in touch using our Contact Us page!

Can I choose a specific delivery day?

At this time we do not have a feature that allows a specific delivery date to be chosen, but we would definitely like to implement a more intricate delivery feature in the future.

This is due to the way our items are made to order and the varying production timescales per product, plus some orders will contain items from various suppliers and our in-house Exclusive range combined.

What does 'fixed text' mean in the product description? Can I change it?

‘Fixed text’ includes any words, numbers, letters or phrases on the design that cannot be changed with personalisation.

If the item comes from one of our incredible suppliers then we are unable to make any amendments.

If the item is in our Exclusive range you can definitely request custom changes but these may be charged at an extra fee or may not be possible to do at all.


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